Are you blessed with a spacious garden or a small but nice outdoor area where you can relax and garden at the same time? With a view to sustainability, you can quickly take steps with just a few smart adjustments. With these tips, your garden will become more sustainable, even if you don’t have green fingers.

Sustainable garden
Sustainability is an increasingly common concept. In the clothing industry, for example, more and more brands are looking at the materials that are used and their origin. Indoors, too, it is becoming more and more common to spend a little more on a better-produced piece of furniture, for example made of sustainable wood or textiles. But you can also increase sustainability outdoors.

Using rainwater
If you have a large vegetable garden or many flowers, plants or shrubs in the garden, watering it is important. Chances are that you do this with a garden hose, but did you know that it is a lot more sustainable to use rainwater for this? You can do this very simply by placing an old-fashioned rain barrel in which the water is collected. Place the barrel in the shade, because this way you prevent algae from forming due to high temperatures and the water stays fresh. The rainwater is also better for the flowers and plants!

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